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Danelectro DJ-10 Grilled Cheese Distortion Pedal

Sound Quality

I am using this with a Strat and a Crate amp. I use a Boss delay pedal, a Big Muff distortion, and a DOD EQ. My amps chorus sounds good with the Dano Grilled Cheese. You get a hollow or "tunnel" effect when the resonance is all the way up. All the way down will give you a rocked forward wah sound, very thin. I love the sound of this thing. It is definately "cheesy". The distortion is somewhat subtle. It is different from any distortion I have ever heard. Go buy it. For $39, you can't go wrong. There is very little noise if any that I noticed. Even when it is not on.


It is made of durable plastic. It isn't a tank like a Boss, but I imagine it could hold its own. Just don't jump up and down on it or drop it from a three story building and you'll be alright. I would most definately gig with it.

General Comments

I play anything from blues to metal. This thing was not made for metal. It does have that "60's" sound. I could almost say you can get a Rage type sound out of it. But trying something different is supposed to help develop your tone, not someone elses. I have been playing guitar for 8 years. I own a few distorion pedals. This ties as my favorite with the Big Muff. Yet they sound totally different. If it got lost or stolen, I would go get two more. For $39, you can afford to buy two at a time. I am definatley going to check out the other pedals in the Dano mini series.

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