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Peavey Delta Blues 210 Tube Amp Combo

Sound Quality

Great tone...plug in and find out for your self! The only noise you get out of this amp is the typical single coil hum if you're in a noisy outlet...what amp don't you get that with? NONE http://www.stevedill.us/deltablues.htm (hear it and see it)


I can't say anything about reliability but it comes with a 5 year warranty & I've got friend who relate no problems across this series of amps. (A friend is currenly playing an "old" delta with no problems)

General Comments

I give this amp an "11" !

I bought it new and it's top quality.

I compared this side by side with other Fenders & VHT with 2 10" speakers, my wife and a friend liked this better?! & I've played thru Marshall, Matchless, & Mesa amps and believe this is the most affordable and best sounding all around for the money...if you're looking for a "tube" amp that is versatile....this one WON'T let you down....

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