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Sound Quality

Quality is good, I use it for mainly the digital section. The effects available are as follows: compressor, distortion, overdrive, 3 different eqs, chorus(or flange), delay, reverb, pitch(1&2), envelope filter, exciter, effects loop (for "out-board" effects), Hum filter, Coil tap (what is this?), exciter (ditto?), Auto pan, speaker simulator, stereo simulator, noise gate, and a splitter (for different right and left outs). I use it on keys, guitar, mixdowns, etc. Some noise here, but noise is ok with me, as long as its not overbearing (as its not with this). There is 1 input and 2 outputs (right and left), some effects mix the right and left (after you split them) and some are completely right/left independent. Midi footcontroler is OK, some of the effects cant be controlled with it (on/off status). There is "blank" spots between patches, but that is standard for these late 80s, early 90s effect boxes.


Only had it a short while, but I dont think it would be too bad to use on a gig. There is a wall wart...

General Comments

I want another one! If I can find another for less than $200 (currently going for $200-300 in '98) Versatilty is great! The only limitation is the ammount of "memory", if you use memory intensive programs (i.e. reverb) you are very limited on the ammount of effects. You probably get about 5 with reverb but with less mem. intensive effects you probably can get upwards of 12 at once.

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