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Sound Quality

I bought this unit 15 years ago and it was my first effects processor. I used this with a Fender American Standard Tele, an American Deluxe Strat Plus and two red knob Fender, "The Twin" 2x12 combos. I had been playing guitar for about 2 years at the time, and as you can see by my amp choices and effects, I didn't know much about good effects (did they make good ones in the 80's?) or amps (those red knob Fenders, while better than my first amp, were pretty lame). However, because of my inexperience at the time, I thought they were pretty awesome. I sold my DR-X (and my red knobbed nightmares) quite a few years ago ('93 i think). My friend who I was in a band with all those years ago also bought one at the same time I did and still has his. Despite my constant ribbing, he still uses it for his home recordings. "But what about the sound quality", you ask?...It sucks. When we bought our DR-X's they were ok, but you have to remember, it was the late 80's and the multi effects racks at the time all sounded pretty fake and cheesey. When I listen to the DRX now, I think we must have been pretty high to think that these units sounded any good. See what too much LSD will do?! Anyway, besides sounding horribly dated, the DR-X is fairly noisy. If you're in a 80's new wave cover band, you might be able to get some use out of this dinosaur. That is if it works.


Here's where the DR-X earns true legendary status. These were one of the most poorly built units on the planet. Not only did mine start making weird hissing noises and eventually no sound at all, my friends' DR-X started doing the exact same thing. From what I understand, pretty much every DR-X went to market with some type of faulty audio harness or something like that, which caused a vast majority of these units to fail. This brings me to the next category...

General Comments

These days I use mostly really nice vintage and vintage reissue amps and high quality boutique pedals. The only way I would ever own another DR-X is if I fell into a Syd Barrett type psychosis and began collecting jars of my own urine in my closet in preparation for the second coming of the lord. With all the low cost options out there on the market out there today, there's no logical reason to own a DR-X. Truly the Yugo of effects racks.

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