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Sound Quality

Its better than my rolland cube 60, only because its built in factory distortion is some how shot?Its sounds pretty good but i do have to agree with some other reviewers that it is kind of hard to find the right sound.


Its reliable most of the time but ive had a problem when I would hit the switch and it wouldent work untill i kicked it a couple times but that only happend once.

General Comments

I got the Grind pedal at a music store in welland ontario called Central Music and there was a big box of second hand pedals and so i grabbed the one in best condition and traded it for a crappy guitar. I mostly play punk and metal, but there is the odd time i'll play a diffrent genra. Im goin on my 3rd year playen and i own A Strat-copy- and a rolland cube 60 and a truetone 12 watt.soon im buying a epiphone G-400 or a Gibson Les paul. also i will be buying a Marshall stack.

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