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Sound Quality

I use the 12AXE, with a standard USA Fender Strat and an Ibanez JS Series guitar into a 1973 Fender Blackface Super Twin and it brings out all the best qualities of my guitars, my amp and my playing, all at once! This pedal is running alongside a bunch of other effects in my pedal-board (Digitech Wammy, Dunlop Crybaby, Line 6 FM4, Boss DS-1, Boss DSD-2, etc.) and is easily my most prized unit in there. It has true bypass so when off, you wouldn't know it was there. When on, however, you realise what great tone is all about! My amp sounds great with this pedal in front of it and it also brings the nicer qualities of my effects out too. It is smooth, full of sustain and reacts well to the dynamics of my playing whether using single-coil or humbucker pick-ups. Sound quality is always a 10 with this pedal!


I would have to say that the 12AXE is built like a brick sh*t-house! And although I always have a spare/alternate drive pedal in my gig bag, I don't think I would ever have to worry about this unit breaking down on me.

General Comments

I play guitar in a 7 piece live hiphop band, that crosses genres of hiphop, jazz, funk, rock. The 12AXE is a great match for the music as it is versatile and cuts through the rest of the instruments when needed while maintaining its rich tone.

I have been playing for about ten years now and this pedal is one of the best pieces of equipment I have come across. If it were stolen or lost, I would buy another one without a doubt.

I love the simplicity of the unit and that it is made so strong. I have tried and owned heaps of different overdrive pedals over the past few years and this has come out on top. It is perfect for driving my tube amp and makes it sound so sweet!

I think the unit is really good value for money and over all, I cannot fault the 12AXE. It has really helped inspire me to play more and make more music. I have heaps of fun with it!

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