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Sound Quality

I use a lot of effects. I have several overdrives (tube screamer, Fuzz Face, MXR Distorstion+)Boss: Chorus, DDL,Tremelo,Flanger, HR-2, Vox Wah, Rotovibe. I run thru (2) JCM 900 1/2 stacks. I split the signals, and one signal with the Octoplus goes to the amp. It runs with any of the effects with no problem. This thing tracks fantastic! I also have a Roger Mayer Octavia, which does not track near as well, or is as forgiving. This device also does not "mud up" when playing chords. I can leave it on when chording and it is right the there for riffs.


Never had a problem yet.

General Comments

I did not have high hopes when I bought this unit, but I love it now. I would highly recomend this unit to anyone.

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