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Sound Quality

I was using it with a pevey 4x12 cab and an 100 watt RG100 Randall head or a Pevey Roadster 160 watt (all tube) head. Kills the 100 watt Marshalls. But anyway. The sound quality was very good. Even better though a tube head. The distortion is good but not quite my style (Pantera) but still was able to get many souds that were very good. The effects souds better. Gettign a good clean sound with a chorus, delay, reverb etc... was soo easy no matter what guitar you put though it. I was using a Dimebag 333 signature series and an old BC Rich iron bird.


I used it live, studio and just practising. It was very versitile and never broke down. THe only prb I had was with the manual. Too vague.

General Comments

Overall it's pretty good. i just recently sold it because my need for a brutal distortion was to great. I've been playing for 13 years and it was one the better processors i've used. I might look into a 2101 unit. Digitech is definatly a name that is good on my list.

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