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Gary Cleland

Fender Kenny Wayne Shepherd Stratocaster Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

The pickups have grown on me. I would put them in Texas Special/Custom Shop 69 territory but much smoother tone-wise than a Texas Special and not as muddy (to me anyway) as a 69, better notch positions and the bridge pickup overdrives well and is pretty usable for a bridge single-coil. I've had numerous friends and customers play it who liked it and the pickups are probably more versatile than I originally thought. The neck, and neck/middle positions sound pretty good on a good clean amp. Pretty responsive to variations in volume control which I hadn't noticed before. They respond pretty well to playing dynamics; if you pick light or finger-style they have a decent sparkle, if you really dig into them than you'll get a nice thick SRV tone or a nice smooth ring on upsweeps. I guess "smooth" is the best description since they have a little thicker bottom end to them with a few less highs overall (although you will get those highs with some overdrive to them). I would still classify them as a "blues" pickup...not as vintage and not as modern sounding as some pickups out there.



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