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Sound Quality

[Perceived output level] much like a Gibson late-60s humbucker (I use their solid-state pre-amp too) [Tone] Excellent. It sounds like my guitar. Very clear, uncoloured sound. [Sonic evaluation] I've still got it. It's terrific. [For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable]



General Comments


I'm satisfied. I've tried just about everything I could get my

hands on (Barcus-Berry, FRAP, DeArmond, Dean Markley, etc., etc., etc.)

and it wasn't until I got this one that I installed an end-pin jack in

the guitar.


The piezos, with or without preamps, various kinds of pre-amps, into

various kinds of amps, mixers, speakers, all sounded kind of plasticky.

They weren't necessarily *bad*, but they weren't *right*.


Other soundhole pickups sounded too electric for my taste. Again, not

bad, just not what I wanted.


For the record -- the Fender-Lace Sensor didn't exist at the time. A

couple of soundhole pickups (DiMarzio?) wouldn't fit my guitar. My

guitar is a Marc Beneteau standard -- spruce top, Indian rosewood

back and sides.


Reviewer's Background

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