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Matt Harris-BnDJz

Rogue FM-80E Acoustic-Electric Mandolin

Sound Quality

I like the sound, both acoustic and amplified. I've had no need for processing the sound. I play it through a fender passport 250. Besides leaving the volume on 9-10,... I've had to play with the tone control to keep it from sounding like an 8 string telecaster.


I play this mandolin live. It has no problem staying in tune, although I probably will replace the tuners with something better; read: finer gear ratio. Honestly, I don't care about the finish. As Eddy once was quoted as saying, "It don't mean a thing if it don't have them dings". Finishes are cute and all but I can't stand a mint looking instrument. It means it hasn't been played. I'd play this with out a back up. It's solidly built and cheap enough to replace even if used as a defensive weapon. I don't play in any venues where a Lloyd Loar would even make a brief appearance, quite the contrary, the name Rogue is very appropriate.

General Comments

Been playing guitar and bass since 1974. I have owned and played all the considered "classics" I am new to mandolin, but making quick adjustments to it. I am very pleased with the rogue mandolin. It suits my purposes and has a good amplified sound. It feels good in the hands and that's a big big plus. Something you want to hold always gets more attention.

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