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Sound Quality

You can get loads of different effects out of this flanger! not just flanging! u can make it sound like the chip munks and all sorts. It sounds abit bollocks when you use overdrive with it but its good enuff. when you have ur amp clean....woah it sounds NICE!!!! it sounds dreamy and distant =)


haha yeah i depend on it and yeah i went to a gig with it its really reliable! wot do u expect from boss?? they r the best man

General Comments

Ive been playin for 7-8 months and i play just about anything. i own a fender telecaster which gives out a warm crisp sound. personaly i reckon the strat sounds tinny and f**k but there ya go. They should change the colour coz puruple is abit gay. The bf-2 is abit of a novilty but you can get great sounds out of it. my flanger settings for the bf-2 are:Manual (pointing upwards) Depth: (Pointing upwards) Rate: pointing at 2:00 (imagen its a clock face) Res: (almost max)

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