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Sound Quality

Sound quality is outstanding. I use tubes for nearly every sound (usually take a preset and tweak it), and that gives a singing transparency that I've missed. Most don't realize you can tweak two of the tube distortions to an incredible degree - you can actually tell the 2101 how hard to hit each tube, which gives endless possibilities. Changing tubes to Sovteks may help the hard core, but mine are the stock Pentas. The reverbs are incredible, and the rest of the effects are nearly as good. I can't criticize any of them now that I've had some time using this thing. Yes, there are times it gets noisy - you cannot expect high gain settings to be quiet and fully dynamic at the same time. It kills me to hear self-proclaimed tube purists bemoan the fact that their tube effects units make noise! Be wise in how you hook the 2101 up, and it will run quieter than anything out there, and sound fantastic. I have a very complex setup, relatively speaking, and have managed to achieve quiet operation (and I play mostly in church!), so low noise is not an option.


Once I had to reset to factory settings to fix a memory error - another user told me to do this to solve the problem, and it worked. Now I know that after you spend a year tweaking constantly, a device like this requires a fresh palate to work from. I wrote down my settings, reset the unit, put the settings back, and it sounded better than ever. It also gave me a chance to reorganize some things, which made performance easier. My unit gets used constantly, and has been 100% reliable.

General Comments

I'd buy it again in a heartbeat, even over the 2112 (which lacks balanced outputs, which I rely on heavily). I wish it had more knobs for real time control (the 2112 does...), but other than that, it's nearly perfect. It is the most musical sounding device I've ever owned, I think. I say that because I get more comments on my tone from non-musicians, who noticed immediately that something was different. During that time, I was so into the sound of this thing that I would quit playing only under threat of expulsion - the sound was in a different zone, you know what I mean? Go buy one of these - I see them all over for $5-600 used. The Control 1 is awesome for stage use, so get one if you can. The 2112 is great, and does have some advantages, but most of the working musicians who have tried both give the edge to the 2101 in sound quality.

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