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Sound Quality

Like I said, this unit is fun for fucking around with vocals. Guys from other bands thought it was a very interesting idea, but if I did it over I'd have bought a "Vocal Processor". I started playing guitar less than a year ago. This unit makes my practice amp (Peavey Rage 158) sound tons better, but again, that's to be suspected. The distortion on the RP-5 sucks ass, as you've already heard. I do like some of the clean sounds I've gotten out of it though plus the delays, reverbs, flange, and phaser are OK. There are better processors out there for the money but these are actually a pretty good bargain, something fun to fuck with anyway. I'd have to say for all the guys totally dogging this unit: Didn't you play with it in the store before you bought it?


No problems except the footswitches are pretty cheaply built!

General Comments

I'd have to say this unit may not be as good as some Boss, Zoom, Line 6, or lots of other pedals but they are really cheap for what you get. I've seen them go on Ebay for less than $50! So for that price it's very worth picking on up. I wouldn't spend more than $100 on one nowadays. There's too many other better pedals to make you sound what you want.

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