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Sound Quality

I play prog (Yes, Dream Theater, etc.)- funk (Jamiroquai, Bootsy Collins, slap) - fusion (Uzeb,Weather Report, Jeff Berlin) - styles. This bass gives me all the sounds I look for with a little tweaking. Quiet electronics and pots really bring out elements of sound that need to be emphasised. Notes come out precisely up to 24th fret. I gave it a 9 because a «perfect sound» is unattainable !


Solid build is obvious from any angle. Neck is weather resistant ! I live in a highly variable climate region (Canada): the neck doesn't budge !It has yet to prove it's reliability ... Given the apparent quality, I expect it to do so in the same way my 10 year old fretless «F» bass did. Thick clear finish protects from normal use ... as for drops or slams... I don't expect to play Kiss style music !

General Comments

I've been playing semi-pro for over 20 years. I was recently looking for a replacement to a six string «F» bass I owned. My quest for excalibur ended when I picked-up and played the Modulus Quantum 4. I considered and tried the Warwick Thumb, Music Man StingRay, G & L and Status products : the Modulus graphite neck, sound and feel made the difference for me. An excellent bass indeed !

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