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Sound Quality

Absolutley Fantastic Pedal.Totally Transparent.Silent switching.I a/b between my 5150 full stack & my Marshall jcm 800 1/2 stack.This is the grounded model for high gain setups.I can't believe i even thought about getting a Lehle for twice the price.I'm telling you i did tons of searching and read alot of reviews before making a move, so i'm returning the favor here and leaving feedback to maybe help someone else in making a choice.You won't regret this one.Total Sound Quality.


I have'nt had it long but it's definatly a sturdy Made In The USA quality pedal.I opened it up to install the baterry and the parts are top notch & the soldering points are clean as a whistle.Hand Made with PRIDE(you'll see).

General Comments

I've been playing guitar for 23 years.In the style of Mudvayne,Slipknot,Godsmack,Slayer etc.If this pedal was lost or stolen i would definatly get another one of these babies.I love this thing.I rely on swiching to the marshall for a clean sound because the 5150 has to much gain for a clean sound but it's heavy sound is like a shotgun and this pedal is the perfect fit for my setup.LOOK NO FURTHER.

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