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Sound Quality

Why can't people accept that some things are just different. Compared to a Cry Baby there is far less distortion in the FX17 and I've found it great for VAI type sounds. Where the Cry Baby scores for me is in the honk and boost that occurs as the pedal is depressed - this is what makes an overdriven amp really talk. In comparison the FX17 is very polite and more uniform. Also the FX17 is active, even when off, which is great for driving cables and other effects but not so good if you expect your stomp box to round off the sound a little.


This little bugger has been a heap of junk - proving that so called noiseless wahs are not necessarily better. I've lived with annoying friction and squeaks from the metal plates which slide against the felt pad, as well as the PVC liner wearing out, and intermittent failure of sound altogether. Now it's completely dead after very little use.

General Comments

Although this thing has caused me grief I'm still attracted to the alternative voice of a clean/active wah but I'll try a Morley next time.

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