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Digital Music Corp GCX Guitar Audio Switcher

Sound Quality

Unit produces no sound but very importantly transports the sound signal to selected loops. The on-board buffer is great which I use with my active EMG pickups. It maintains the signal through all the cabling. every efect I use with this is fantastic with no obvious drawbacks. Using a Fender Strat 1957 vintage re-issue (anaversary edition), Ibanez JS 1000 and marshall AVT 2000 2x12. only thing I would point out is when changing between Active and Passive pickups. When I change to Ibanez there is a noticable volume loss, which I would have hoped the buffer in the GCX would have normalized.


Unit very reliable, never had any problems and GCX don't mind you opening the unit up to maybee carry out connection repaires, should this be required (which is shouldn't) is doesn't break the warrenty. I have used it at a gig without backup, never had any probs. it is gr8.

General Comments

If it were lost or stolen, I would be very amazed as it is screwed very tightly into a massive 18U rack which weighs a tonne. no more tapdancing as now controling with ground control pro, which is also great. seemless switching, and if you change effect whilst holding a note you can set delay up in parrallell which carries over into your new sound. I use Boss CS3 (L1), RAK Chorus (L2), MXR Phase 90 (EVH, L3), Boss TD (L4), Boss BD (L5), Boss OD/3 (L6), EH Big Muff (L7), Boss DD3 (L8).

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