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Steve Wright-J38dP

Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

um.... perfect? dare I say it? however if you're a real shredder with experience with real high gain amps then you won't be happy with this one, it's very close but very limited in it's hi gain sound. but the other amps are, without exception, just amazing. the fender amps, vox amps and marshal amps are absolutely perfect. seriously, perfect. if you want the fender amps to sound open backed then take the back off your amp... it's not hard. for the guy that complained about it being closed backed... did you ever even consider just making it an open backed amp? not exactly difficult.... I opened mine up, loved the sound for the fenders and voxes, disliked it for everything else, so went back to closed back. and you can't do hi gain stuff at all with open backed cabs so it's no wonder they made it closed. seriously, it's perfect. also for the guy complaining that his fx pedals showed a lack of headroom.... huh? while yes, this amp sounds way better when it's output/master controls aren't limiting it's power amps at all (as do all guitar amps), it makes no difference how loud the amp is to whether or not you can use pedals effectively. ALL guitar pedals run at unity gain. those with output controls (compressors, overdrives, distortions) have them so you can make up for loss in signal from the pedal's circuit being in operation. however yes, with a tube amp you can set the output of these pedals quite high and literally overdrive the tube input to get a different kind of distortion.... if you have any common sense at all you'll read that this amp has a solid state input followed by a digital emulation section followed by a real tube amp followed by a 50 watt solid state power amp. Why on earth would you overdrive the input? it'll just sound like crap of course. but I use my full pedal board with this amp all the time in the recording studio and it works perfectly at all levels. no headroom issues at all unless yo'ure doing something dumb like turning up the outputs of the pedals too high.


never had one issue with it, but it's mostly living in our recording studio. I have done small outdoor gigs with it and never had any trouble either though.

General Comments

I'm a professional guitarist, in my 40s, this is my career. I play a lot of session work these days and need versatility but I'm still a member of the same well known rock band that I've been in for the past 22 years.


This, and it's big brother the ad120 from vox (a valvetronix stack, AMAZING, my new favorite live concert amp), is the best thing I've ever used.


I tried the line 6 amps, highly disliked their tones, although their modeling rack boxes are pretty useful so I was disappointed by their amps. Tried a fender modeling amp and it was absolutely awful, harsh, confusing to use.


the best modeling amp out there for the recording studio is the vox ad50.

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