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Sound Quality

wonderful, acoustically and electrically, very very good. pups should be upgraded, but that's true of 4 out of 5 guitars you try in a shop anyway, so not that big a deal. quite useable as is though! I'd like to put some seymour duncans in it to really get the tone of this guitar shining through. a joy to play by the way too, nice action, too high but VERY easilly lowered and action stayed great, no bad buzzing, very very nice, just needs a metal bridge to get more sustain, maybe it's just me...


physically 10/10. electronics 6/10 (crappy jack and not so good switch), so I'll give it 8/10 stock. fix up a couple cheap parts and 10/10. sooooooooooooooo 9/10.

General Comments

great guitar for many styles, upgrade electronics and give it a metal bridge for hard classic rock baby!

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