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Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

I'm using an Epiphone Les Paul Custom and an Ibanez AFS77T (a Gretsch-type hollowbody with a Bigsby), with a Boss ME-50 multi-effects and DS-2 distortion in front of it, and an E-Bow. I play a mixture of indie and progressive/post rock, mostly Radiohead, REM, Pink Floyd and The Smiths. For Radiohead, the Vox AC30 model with the gain at around 11:00 gives that lightly distorted sound associated with Thom Yorke, and cranking the gain gives a fantastic crunchy lead sound. If you want to sound like Radiohead or REM but can't afford an AC30, this is the amp for you. For The Smiths, the blackface 2x12 model with the Ibanez gives me a good Johnny Marr jangle. At this point I should note that Vox don't actually tell you what their amp models are based on - I'm guessing Blackface 2x12 is a Fender of some sort. There's a huge amount of sounds available here. The Boutique Clean model is supposed to give bright cleans, but I can't seem to get that tone out of it, but it does give a beautiful, mellow jazz tone if you turn the gain up to the point where it's just beginning to break up. UK 70s and 80s are obviously Marshall stacks and sound absolutely brilliant with the gain and volume turned up to 11. US Hi-Gain and Nu-Metal are getting into the Mesa Boogie/Hiwatt-type sounds. You can use the footswitch to switch between the two preset channels and switch on 'Manual' mode, which basically gives you the sound as the knobs are set. I'm currently using the channels as clean and lead sounds, with manual set to a crunchy Vox AC30 sound. The effects are functional at best, but for the most part I don't use them as I have the ME-50. But this is where the lack of an effects loop becomes a problem. Placing any modulation effects such as chorus or phaser, or dynamic effects such as tremolo, before a distorted amp cancels out the, er, effects of the effects. Since two of my signature sounds are a high-gain lead sound with chorus and phaser respectively, this does pose problems since it means I have to physically go over to the amp and dial the chorus sound in (I have the phaser one saved as a preset and can be footswitched). So why don't I just use the ME-50's distortion? Well, once you've heard the distortion on this thing you'll see why...


No problems as yet, gigging with it every night this week, but it's already survived an afternoon in our very damp village hall.

General Comments

I sold a Marshall MG30 to buy this with, and it beats the Marshall in every way possible. Beautiful cleans, amazing distortion, more sounds than you could shake a Triple Rectifier at and a half-decent bank of effects to play with. Make sure you buy the footswitch though.

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