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Sound Quality

BF-2 was very good sounding, really pro quality, a pedal for other people to be jealous of. It was the same used by The Cure, The Cult, The Police, and even Van Halen and Nirvana. Sometimes, maybe due to the pedal conditions when I bought it, it had some little background hiss, but it didn´t interfere on the tone. It was no bother. The sound quality of that thing never disappointed me.


I bought it really bashed. There was a screw missing in the stomp section, so I had to replace it. There were lots of scratches, some of the knobs, along with the PSU jack, were a bit loosely, but I had no noise problems of any kind. BF-2 looked like getting back from war, but I could see then what everybody already knew: BOSSES are like TANKS. Why should I bother with backups?

General Comments

The BF-2 Flanger was a great match for the kind of music I was playing, 20 years ago. I could play most pop songs and it added some brightness to some originally played clean. In addition, It gave me a great match with my DF-2 Superfeedbacker, giving presence to the solos.

I was originally planning to buy a CE-2 Chorus, also from Boss, but a more experienced friend recommended me the Flanger because it could do everything Chorus did and much more. And he was right. That MIJ thing was superb.

I didn´t only buy it again, now that I don´t have any financial problems, it's because people here in Brazil, where pedals are very overpriced, want ridiculous prices for those Vintage pedals. If I were a professional musician, I could consider having one, since its said the MIJ versions of any Boss pedal are the best. So, I decided to buy something more suitable to my ambitions as a guitar player: a very good Onerr HF-1 Hydrogen Flanger.

If you live in a country where the Customs don't overprice any purchases from E-bay, you could safely try buying BF-2, specially if it's MIJ. I could bet your buddies would be jealous...

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