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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

well, for all those who are posting rants on how bad this product is, maybe you should use it before you trash talk about it. this piece has amazing sound quality, but ony if you use it through hums. single coils dont cut it, even on the clean channels. all you gotta do is run this baby through a nice power amp and your set to go!


i believe so. even though there is no warranty, if you treat things well, this preamp will do wonders for you.

General Comments

i play many different styles of guitar, and this preamp has done an amazing job at keeping each style individual. i have been using it for quite a while now. i run it through a hafler p3000 power amp (which i know isnt the greatest), but it sounds amazing. the only thing i have against it is its lack of compatibility with single coils. other than that i love this more than any other amp i have owned.

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