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Sound Quality

There is no way to pick a custom, arbitrary sequence of effects. However, the mixers built in to each patch allow you to control which effects are most prominent overall, and allow some series/ parallel processing. For example, it is possible to boost the lower frequencies of a signal, send the EQ'd output to the chorus, then send none of the chorus signal to the delay, and mix the final sound so that there are equal parts of echo and chorus, with none of the EQ'd signal. The reverbs are nice. Most of the reverb patches have a low pass filter built in that lets you cut out frequencies that would result in harsh sounds. Short delays and modulation effects benefit from the digital harshness. Four short, stacked delays with regeneration has a wonderful, insect-like sound. The multiple effect patches are okay, due to the mixing capabilities. You can hide some of the more objectionable sounds. The modulations efects are more mellow that extreme. No jet plane-like flanging, but some useful, phaser-like swooshing, and some nice crunchy chorus. Longer delays just clang. The more regeneration, the worse this gets. The mid-length delays really suffer: stop playing and there is a tail of harsh, metallic sounding overtones.


Good. I bought this unit used, from Elderly Instruments. It has remembered my edits so far. I did buy it without a footswitch; so far, changing patches by punching buttons has been okay, but a siple on-off and patch up/down switch would be a welcome addition.

General Comments

This overall rating may seem a little high. This box has all of the major effect food groups, though, and went for a price between 2/3 and 1/2 the cost of buying a bunch of used floor boxes that could do the same things. If I could afford to be particular, I would have bought a Rocktron Replifex (at three times the price).

As it is, even though the pure delays are kind of annoying, this is a good all round multiple effector.

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