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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

The stock Digitech BM is flat, dry and 1-dimensional. Of course, one should expect little more from a $40 pedal. Mark Humphrey's genious morphs this stomp into the $200+ boutique realm. Advice: DON'T throw your Bad Monkey onto eBay just to end up fetching $10-$20. Ship it to Humphrey Audio Mods with a $55 payment, and get back a USABLE overdrive/distortion box, that'll give those other guys a run for their money. If you DON'T own a BM, then buy this modd'ed one directly from Humphrey, and say "goodbye" to the $200/$300 OD stomp market.


The stock pedal is HEAVY .... built for the long haul. Mark's quality build will last you a lifetime.

General Comments

One of THE BEST pedal values going. For less than $100 total, you'll get an OD that'll put to shame 90% of the existing market.

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