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Sound Quality

I think it sounds great. I think the people who say it sucks are elitist Crybabys (no pun intended). The crybaby is not the only wah -- get over it! This one is just as good if not better. Very interesting wah sound & great volume pedal (I assume all volume pedals are pretty much the same. I can't imagine any other one doing something different). Sounds really good through the effects send & return, not with my guitar!


It is very solid (tank even.) Very heavy. Very solid. Very trustworthy. The battery cover is a bitch to get on & off. i still don't really understand how to do it, but who uses batteries?

General Comments

Seems like a great wah. It'd be better if the bypass was better & the convenience of the switching between wah & volume was better, but that'll be fixed soon.

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