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Seymour Duncan Live Wire Heavy Metal

Sound Quality

[Perceived output level] Wakes the dead [Tone] Very balanced. Mid boost sounds great for metal. [Sonic evaluation] Ok... I am using a Dean ML Phantom guitar straight into a 130 watt Marshall VS265R. Keeping it simple is the best way to go. I dont have any distortion pedals or overdrive pedals, just guitar into amp. Like everyone else has said, you can't get a clean tone from this pickup. However, using it on your clean channel gives a sweet hard rock overdrive sound that is very useful. Be good at switching pickups very quickly if you want to go from really clean to really distorted. When you I this pickup on the distortion channel on my amp, all hell breaks loose. This is the loudest, crunchiest, and most awesome pickup ive ever heard. Many people are sceptical because they think the mid boost wont give them a heavy tone. WRONG!!! The mid boost overdrives the amp, and then you can EQ it out of your amp to have a perfectly balanced tone. Leads are great and cutting, rhythms shake the house. Fuckin' A. [For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable] METAL!!! This pickup is THE metal pickup. Screw the invader and custom and JB, get the LIVE WIRE.


General Comments

[Comments] If my guitar was stolen, i would but the same guitar, and this pickup over again. The guitar is pretty cheap ($250), but this pickup makes it sound like a $1000 Gibson Gothic or whatever you want. Ive been playing 2 years, and I have the exact tone I want. Many people spend 10 or 20 years looking for the racmount unit that will give the right decibles of gain and whatever. Screw That. My rig is under 1 grand, and could kick any expensive rig in the nuts. BUY IT. NOW. IM WATCHING YOU.



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