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Schecter Guitar Research C-7 Blackjack 7-String Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

I bought this guitar specifically because it suits my musical style perfectly(and also because most other 7 strings out there are such crap). I play progressive metal and I try to go for as full and clear a tone as possible(I hate scooped out nu-metal tones). The wood and pickup configuration are perfect for this. I play through a B52 100watt half stack and this guitar can produce a massive and heavy tone. Very clear. I have a BBE Sonic Maximizer in the loop but its really more for the amp than the guitar. The sustain from this guitar is great. I have another guitar with EMG's in it and the Blackjack's sustain is just about equal to it. The Duncan JB is probably the best pickup I've ever used on any guitar too. Besides all the sustain and output it has a great amount of punch in the upper mids that make it great for articulate lead playing and powerful riffs. The '59 in the neck is just sweet. It has really warm lows and enough mid range body and output to cut through the mix of instruments. Both pickups are also very nice in their split mode on this guitar(which is one of the best features in my opinion). No noise to speak of. Any feedback is perfectly controllable even standing directly facing my amp at high volumes. I suppose there could be different experiences depending on how clean the power is in a particular building. I compared this to my schecter 007 elite which has the same wood, neck joint and bridge pickup and I found the Blackjack to be a bit brighter sounding. The neck on the Blackjack is also an inch longer and noticeably thinner which makes for slightly faster playing. I'd say with the coil tapping and humbucking modes this is an extremely versatile instrument. Great for distorted or clean playing.


Seems just as reliable as my other two schecters( 007 elite and Damien 7). Schecter makes very good quality guitars. The Blackjack is a professional-level guitar in my opinion; given its construction and all its features.


General Comments

I've been playing for 14 years and I'm slowly making my way towards buying all good quality gear. All my schecters are great guitars and very reasonably priced. I love how the blackjack plays and since I've been playing schecter 7 strings for the past few years it was an easy choice to go with this one. The only thing it really lacks is cool looking inlays which I mentioned above. The guitar looks so cool anyway but the inlays would've just made it more complete. What I like most about it are the pickups. For some reason all the company's that make 7 string models are making them with active pickups like EMG's or Duncan Blackouts. And while they are good for noise cancellation and sustain, I've come to the conclusion over the years that you can't beat the organic quality of passive pickups if you're trying to play outside the genres of death and thrash metal. The Blackjack is one of the only good quality guitars I could find with high end passive pickups like Duncans. I'm glad I was able to find one and buy it. Very satisfied.

Reviewer's Background

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