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Sound Quality

ahh.the sound...I have come to find it somewhat weaker than my PH2(which dominates over al the other effects-levels, which sucks!) and that's a good thing, 'cause this BF2 is just 'loud' enough to get a nice mix of effects, when I use it with distortion(HM3/DS2) it still lets my distortion through!(wonder-f-u-l-l) and that's what I like, I want my distortion to remain distorted, with just a bit(or bit more!)of the effects thrown in. overall the souds is 'really' amazing, just the way i like it. from a 'nirvana - come as you are'-intro-kinda-sound right to a 747 landing in your backyard. (from sweet melow intro's, to grunge solo's, back to blues to rocking metal)


it's a BOSS duhuh! if you break it, they'd(ROLAND) probably give you a new one just for being able to break it in the first place!(won't happen but you get the idea: indestructable and super gig-able)

General Comments

I play mostly metal/punk/grunge...(metallica/nirvana/korn/blink182/more crap..etc.)and as said before, it's great for all of this, I'm very pleased I'd bought it, to be honest I'd never used a flanger before and I got it second hand over Mail(so didn't test it), I played with it a bit in a shop but not excessive.) and when I finally hooked it up, I was amazed, after just a couple of minutes I got a great chorus sound, which sounded even better whith slight distortion.


if you're planning on buying it, do so. if you're not planning, get to it! :>


yeah...great pedal, really awesome!

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