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Fender American Vintage 62 Reissue Jazzmaster

Sound Quality

The Jazzmaster has a sound all its own. The original pickups had broad, shallow windings like a big, flat wire sandwich. I don't know if the AVR windings are that big, but I doubt it. The new reissue Jazzmaster makes a stronger and harsher tone than the old Fender pickups. If you really want the best Jazzmaster tone, buy yourself a set of Seymour Duncan Hot Jazzmaster pickups and put the AVR Fenders in a box for when you resell the guitar. Any way you look at it, the Jazzmaster serves up some tones that you will not find in Strat type guitars. Especially nice is the middle position where the bridge and neck pickups combine their signals to give you "the Jazzmaster tone", a sparkly, smooth, spongy, jangly, mello tone just great for rhythm and clean solos. If you're looking for distortion, shred, etc., go get yourself a humbucker guitar, kid, 'cause the Jazzmaster is not your cup of tea.


Fender guitars, Jazzmaster included, are strong and reliable for the most part. If you're not looking for high quality craftmanship and materials you can't go wrong.

General Comments

I give the Fender Jazzmaster a very high rating from a design, sound, and historical point of view. But the AVR '62 Jazzmaster that I got was not worthy of a high rating. Sloppy manufacturing and cheap, ugly accessories do not a good guitar make. Fender has never had much respect for one of its own best guitars, and their treatment of the '62 reissue Jazzmaster proves it. Finally, the price of this guitar is absolutely outrageous. Do what I did, and get yourself a good CIJ Jazzmaster on you-know-where. The Japanese Jazzmasters are made right and will please you (once you change the pickups).

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