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epiphone Valve Junior Tube Amplifier Head

Sound Quality

Great sound. perfect basic tone. Gotta disagree a bit with a different poster. I believe in starting out guitar preferably with an acoustic guitar. Keep it basic and it makes you work for your sound. This is the electric equivalent.Beginners can add effects after they get a bit of experience.That's just my philosophy. I have a piss load of effects nowadays, and they sound great through this.Used a few different tubes in it , they all sound great.The EH / sovtek tubes sound great.Is jj tubes getting a kickback from this site? EH / Sovtek tubes have been great for me in the last 15 years. I dunno how honest the amp is ,but it hasn't tried to rob me at gunpoint yet.


Not worried.

General Comments

Awesome for the price. I slam a Flying V, Charvel, various stompers from Boss, ART, Zoom etc., through this and it rocks.

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