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Fender SE-100 Electric Pack

Sound Quality

I play blues-rock and occationally emo-alternative. This guitar was surprizingly able handle everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. In fact, when in the hands of the right person (like my instructor), this ax sounded like a million dollar-guitar. The guitar is extremely versatile, thanks to the 5-way blade switch. It can produce shimmery, glossy, warm and plucky tones... all with the classic Fender twang on the provided amp. Believe it or not, I can achieve hard metal-ish sounds when I turned on the overdrive on the amp on and used another seperate overdrive pedal. However, noise was apparent, especially in positions 1, 3 and 5 of the switch, but with so many awesome features, this flaw tends to be overlooked.


I have only owned this guitar for two days, therefore, I cannot draw immediate conclusions. Even so, I can safely say that it will definitely last pretty long. I cannot say the same about the knobs though... And I'm pretty unsure about live playing.


General Comments

I would say it's a damn good buy, especially for beginners or intermediates who are on a low budget. In fact, I have sold of my more expensive Ibanez GRG-270 Jumpstart package in order to purchase this and NEVER LOOKED BACK. If it were stolen or lost, I'd probably get the Affinity Strat instead, but it's pretty much the same thing, only with an Alder body, a bigger headstock and a maple fingerboard. I have compared this with the Ibanez GRG-270 and the nod goes to this one. True, the other one is more expensive but the money for that goes into some of the parts I don't want them to go into, like the superflous HSH pickup configuration, the Floyd-Rose styled bridge and a better gigbag and amp. This package however, just screams versatilty and a more mellow tone (Yeah, I'm not into metal... so what?). There were some features I wish this guitar had though, like a maple fingerboard and an alder body, but for such a low price, it's just not right to ask for anything more. One more thing. My dad was quite dissapointed when he learnt that I've sold the Ibanez pack for this one. I've got him to sit down and play it. Not only did he cut back his skeptical comments. HE ENJOYED EVER SINGLE BIT OF THIS GUITAR!!!

Reviewer's Background

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