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Sound Quality

If you really want to judge sound quality you need to use a good set of headphones. In doing so, I found the unit to be very silent both when off and when. The sliding of the faders is silent as well. There are those who say that they experience hiss with this product, but I would guess that this is limited to particular units and not to the design itself. Obviously, the unit will hiss if you input a signal with white noise of a given spectrum and then amplify that frequency band. Therefore, what equipment you use and where you place the unit are crucial (I put mine in the effects loop between the preamp and amp). My setup is as follows: Gibson SG->Marshall AVT50 (tube preamp section)->Boss GE7->Boss CE5-> Boss CF3->Boss DD-6->Marshall AVT50 (amp section) I use Monster cables for going in and out of my amp effects loop for maximum shielding against noise interference (yes, they really do make a huge difference). Specifically, I use the Jazz cables, which offer slightly better feedback protection than the Rock cables.


The only reason I say N/A is because I have not had it long enough to judge how well the faders hold up. That is, I don’t know if the faders will eventually sound scratchy when moved. Like all Boss pedals, the product seems to be very well built.

General Comments

I never usually rate anything this high, but the GE-7 solved a problem that I was having and unexpectedly gave me more than I anticipated.


I bought this product because I wanted to alter the tone of the overdrive channel of my Marshall beyond the EQ controls that they provide. I tried various effects boxes: Ibanez TS-7 (ultra noisy), all the Boss overdrive/distortion boxes (also rather noisy), and lastly the well-known Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer (only slightly noisy). Judging the quality of sound in the store is very difficult for me and I thought I found the product with just the sound I was seeking. However, when I got home and tried it, I found that it sounded just like the overdrive built into my Marshall except that it hissed slightly. Why should I get a product that simulates a tube overdrive when I had the real thing? It finally occurred to me that what I really needed was to modify the tone/color of the sound that my preamp was producing rather than replace it. Thus I bought the GE-7 and it gave me exactly the sound that I was looking for. Additionally, it let me expand the capabilities of other effects by producing sounds that would not ordinarily be available with their built-in controls.


I play both blues and surf music(a rather odd combination), so I needed something to allow me to go from warm mellow tones to sharp twangy ones. Especially because I don't own either a Fender Jaguar or a Fender amp.


I should mention that others have indicated the fact that this is not a stereo product. But since it is the first box in my loop I only need mono, so it suits me just fine.


Bottom line: I highly recommend this product for a wide variety of musical applications.


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