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Sound Quality

This guitar sounds great! I played similar guitars at the music store before my Peal arrived in the mail. I played a Taylor that was the identical style as this Peal and I tell you the truth, I cannot tell the difference. The Peal seems every bit as good as the Taylor. One does have to keep in mind that this is a Concert Body Style Acoustic-Electric that is smaller than a regular acoustic so the sound will not be quite as resonant as a larger body guitar. For it's size I was impressed and I am hoping it will sound even better with age. Plugged in is where this guitar really shows its stuff! I was using a Fender Princeton 112 Plus guitar amp (a relatively small amp that I usually use for my regular electric guitar). The pickup and quality of the EQ on the Peal SC-Solid Top are excellent! I was sincerely impressed that a guitar I ordered through the mail, made by a brand I had never heard of at the time, and that I purchased for such an affordable price could sound this spectacular. My only complaint was that the guitar needs a bit of adjustment as the string action was so low that the low-E string buzzed when strumming heavily (but that's a simple adjustment issue, not a fault of the guitar itself). There are more expensive guitars in this category that will beat the sound quality, but Peal puts up a strong contending with them. This is not a cheap quality guitar by any means. I am very impressed with the over-all quality of sound and look forward to recording more with it. I only give this category a 9 instead of a 10 because there are other guitars in the same class that do sound slightly better, though I'm not sure you can beat the price-range of the Peal.


I've only had the guitar for a short time, but it seems very durable and well built. The hardware is quality and solid. I've been giving it a pretty good beating and it's doing fantastic. It stays perfectly in tune! This guitar has a feel like it will only get better with age. I hope to be playing this for a long time. I'm currently using it for recording in my home set up.


General Comments

While guitar is not my best instrument, I've been playing for about 15 years. I own a GSC Electric, a Fender amp, and have a computer recording setup using Sonar4, a MIDI controller keyboard, some M-Audio interface equipment and mics. I also play bass, drums and keyboards and have played in a few bands over the years.


My decision to buy the Peal was mostly one of finance at the time. I wanted a decent acoustic but didn't have the money to shell out for a fancy Taylor or Martin. I'm quite pleasantly surprised that this Peal turned out to be such an amazing guitar for this price range. I never would have believed it. If it were ever lost or stolen or destroyed, yes, I would buy another. In fact, I will be considering Peal again when I start looking at more expensive full-acoustic guitars. I am sold as a new fan of their product. I think they are doing a decent job giving some of the American guitar companies a run for their money. I think as more people discover Peal, they're going to become more and more a household word. At least I'm impressed.

Reviewer's Background

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