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Sound Quality

[Perceived output level] [Tone] depends on where you put it. can be: high bass response, high treble response, very bright [Sonic evaluation] This piezo-electric pickup picks up the body vibrations of your guitar, so it produces a warm sound, but does not have that "punch" that a humbucking coil would produce. But since I had a classical guitar (nylon strings) a humbucking pickup would've been useless (except for the 3 steel wound bass strings, maybe). When I used this pickup on an acoustic steel string, I was very disappointed at how poor the output was. It was very "muddy", but a chorus pedal improved the sound. [For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable]



General Comments

[Comments] The one major problem I've had with this pickup

was it's life span. It lasted about 3-6 months and then died for no

apparent reason. After going through two of them, I decided to switch.

Another thing I dislike is the little flecks of putty this transducer

left behind on my guitar (it mounts by a wad of putty on the face of

the transducer).


Reviewer's Background

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