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Sound Quality

i heard a couple of taylors and really like their sound and i heard a couple of martins and really like their sound. this guitar has a very nice meet in the middle of these two high end guitars. not as bright as the taylor and not as low as the martin(which could probably substitute as a bass guitar on ocasion) but great tone and the sound come out of the guitar like its taking up all the sound box but the box just cant hold anymore sound so it just spits it out all at once ( a really good feeling after strumming first couple of chords). if your looking for a good toned guitar then this is a very good one. probably a little closer to the taylor in sound than the martin but my guitar still has good bass.


Very well built guitar. best i can say. if i layed it in the hot sun would it destroy it? Yes. if i dropped it on the ground would it hurt it? yes. if i poured water on it would it damage it? yes. basically treat your good guitars like a fine piece of furniture and they will withstand.

General Comments

i have an ibanez aw100cent a/e and just bought this. the ibanez sound great for a four to five hundred dollar guitar. on my rating of it i gave it a ten for that category. i wanted something more though and i decided that i wanted a taylor. as luck would have it, i couldnt afford it. so i started looking in the eight hundred dollar to one thousand range instead of the thousand to fifteen hundred range. i played many guitars, a couple of tacomas sounded pretty damn good and the larrivees sounded pretty damn good. as luck would have it i couldnt afford eight hundred dollars either. so i got on ebay and found one of these d 03's for 575 dollars from this company called electric music city in wisconsin. i was all scared it was going to be a piece of crap but this guitar sounded better than any of the ones i played at the stores. absolutely a great guitar.

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