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Sound Quality

I play this with a Gibson LP DC w/ P90s and a Peavey Classic 30 amp. I bought this used for like 20 bucks and have to admit I am impressed with the sound it gives. Its the only chorus pedal I've used so I am sure there are some better sounding ones out there, but for the money, I think this one really gives a pretty acceptable chorus effect. I use it quite a bit when playing out. The most common effect I use this for is 80s hair band sound a la GNR sweet child. That is about at speed 10 oclock and delay 10 oclock. The depth knob doesn't change the sound significantly and I just keep it turned all the way up. I think if you play around with it and find a good mix you can get some really rich, nice sounding tones out of this box. No significant noise and it doesn't seem to my signal much. I am happy with that sound I get out of it.


Well, I bought it used and I think it has seen better days, but it seems to be holding up okay. The pedal seems to be hard to depress sometimes because I will step on it and it will change 2 or 3 times instead of once.

General Comments

If it were lost or stolen, I go play some others and maybe upgrade. Overall, though I think it has more than adequate sound and works great for what I use it for.

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