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Sound Quality

YOU MUST ADJUST THIS PEDAL FOR IT TO SOUND GREAT AS A WAH! This is SO SUBJECTIVE and everybody gives 10's that I don't know if it means anything anymore, but there it is. As a Wah a 10. This is NOT a CryBaby! Which to me is great. It has a different sound. One that I really, really like. But if you want one Wah to do the classic sounds, this probably isn't your choice. THERE ARE TWO ADJUSTMENTS ON THE FRONT OF THE PEDAL AND BOTH AFFECT THE WAH SOUND! There is some wrong info on the WEB about this pedal and that might confuse some owners/users. Some reviews say only one of the adjustments on the front affects the Wah, which is incorrect. IT DOES adjust the Min/Max Volume of the Pedal if you have it switched to use as a Volume Pedal, but it also adjusts the Sharpness/Smoothness of the Wah Peak. If you don't like the sound of this pedal at all, chances are the adjustment in question is set wrong. It can sound VERY BAD if set wrong, and VERY GREAT if set right. As reference I've played extensively with these Wah's: Budda BudWha, Clyde (Original One), Vox CryBaby, Thomas CryBaby, Dunlop CryBaby(s) (many varieties), Ibanez Weeping Demon, Boss PW-10, and many boutiques. Many of these are excellent Wahs, some of them aren't. I like the FX-17 better though.


Built like a tank.

General Comments

Prices are shooting up for these on Ebay, so word must be getting out. If you haven't tried them and love Wahs, like me, it's well worth your time!

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