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Sound Quality

Setup: Schecter C1 elite--> Korg Ax1000g===stereo to Randall 60w 12" Solid State, and a Peavy Transtube 40w 10". Noisy? -Nope, built in NR works great! Effects? - If you know how to tweak them to your amp, and your environment then they work lovely. Sounds of Fav Artists? - I liked a few of the settings so i kept the factory settings alone, and just modified the user patches for now. The Dyme setting sounds pretty accurate, esp if you use a standalone wah in front of the korg! But there is any artist you want in here to about 90%.


i bought mine used, but its metal. there are a few knobs missing, but they all function. I think as long as i dont spill anything on it and take it easy on it, it should last a while. That said, this is a replacement for a broken Ax100g... Backup? I like to rely on my gear to perform, but in a fix i think i could get by with no effects, or just hook up my wah and fuzzbox to my amps to get a nice tone. But if i could aford it, id have a vintage rack, and use this thing as the backup.

General Comments

I play classic rock covers, blues, and fusion. This pedal has a key to my fusion jams. I use the travler setting with some ping pong delay, on the stereo amps. I also have a violin bow for Zep covers, and i use this with the traveler setting, and a stand alone wah. This effect is unique. I love it for that alone.

I have been playing for over ten years. Im 23. I would buy another korg series, prob the 1500g, but they didnt have one at my local guitar center, and i had a replacement check from the warrenty of the broken ax100g.

I tried this against a few other used effects pedals, this was the best for the price. And the stereo outs was a big dealbreaker. I wish the wah was better. But you can use a standalone wah and cool effects like the univibe at the same time. Get that intro to Machine Gun. Cant do it without the seperate pedal tho.

If you play trippy music, then buy one of these things. Its also pretty decent at emulating your favorite artists, and creating your own tone as well.

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