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Sound Quality

I use good equipment and I've been playing for almost a year and I am pretty good and I wanted a EQ pedal to even out my awesome tone and smooth it out better. That is why I bought it but it sucks and it didn't make my tone cleaner like it was supposed to do. I still get a lot of feedback so this is useless and doesn't even work. RIPOFF. Brownsville thug-->Brownsville MT500/Metal Tone-->DOD FX70 Metal-->DOD FX86-B DOD Death Metal-->DOD FX80-B Compressor/Sustain-->DOD FX40-B Graphic EQ-->Jimi Hendrix wah wah-->boss chorus-->Boss GE 7 EQ-->Crate MX120R Amp, distortion channel. I run all the distortions at maximum to get the tone of Joe Satrianni. My CRATE IS AT LEAST AS GOOD AS JOE SATRIANNIS CRATE AMP. I have my Crate on 10-every knob on 10 and a Rocktron Nitro with 20db of gain in the loop. I thought the GE 7 pedal would help but it does nothing. Joe Satrianni plays a Brownsville Thug like mine. Why can't I get his tone? Don't try this. It makes no difference in my pedal board. RIPOFF.


General Comments

Like I said. I'm pretty good for playing for a year. I'm as good as Joe Satrianni but its frustrating because my rig doesn't sound as good as his. I am trying to get on tour with him but I need a good rig. The BOSS GE 7 did nothing to help. I am going to trade it for a Metal Zone.

Don't buy this pedal becuz it suks. I'll be on the G3 tour in a year, guaranteed.

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