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Sound Quality

This is basically a good sounding preamp, but your choice of amp and speakers is CRUCIAL!. I originally used it with an ADA microtube amp and ran it stereo into a 2-12 cabinet I had wired for stereo so I could get stereo chorus live (seemed like a good idea at the time!) It sounded pretty good and of course the convenience of being able to switch patches quickly with a midi floor pedal made it perfect. Then the ADA power amp took a dump on me and since ADA was out of business I couldn't get it fixed. I sent it off to some tech in Los Angeles (I'm in Central Cali) and he just whined about not being able to fix it because of no schematics, no ADA, etc. So I gave up and went and bought a Marshall Valvestate power amp. I think it was an 80-80 or something. This amp, with the combination of my "stereo" cabinet made it sound HORRIBLE! It was dry, with no punch, weak, and lifeless. I played like this for about 4 years and was always wondering why the other guitar player in my band sounded so good (Mesa Boogie and Marshall JMP1) and I sounded so weak. Well, this other guitar player had a Fender Blues Deville that he never used so I borrowed it one night and put the MP2 directly into the "power amp in" on the Fender and everyone's mouth just fell open. The Fender power amp section and speakers completely brought it back to life and I bought the Fender from my friend more or less on the spot. Now my tone is back and I'm enjoying playing again!! YOU NEED A REALLY GOOD TUBE POWER AMP AND SPEAKER COMBO FOR THE MP2 TO REALIZE IT'S FULL POTENTIAL, (in addition to knowing how to program it well.) Oh yeah, I'm using an Ibanez RG 570, with SD '59 in the bridge position and the standard Ibanez pickups in the middle and neck. I play everything from classic to modern rock and have been playing professionally for about 30 years.


LED display poops out when there is a low or unreliable voltage situation from the AC, but otherwise it's stayed together now for about 10 years (I replaced the tubes once or twice).

General Comments

I would definitely try to replace it if I lost it because I know what it CAN do under the right conditions. HOOK IT UP TO THE RIGHT POWER AMP AND SPEAKERS AND YOU'LL BE HAPPY!

(Sometimes I just want to plug my old "tube driver" pedal and Ibanez chorus into the Fender and just wail, though!!)

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