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Sound Quality

I bought this thing used for about $15 from some dude on EBAY. It was not modded when I bought it but I heard that you could mod these. So I bought a kit off of ebay and did it myself. It was pretty simple. B4 the mod this thing sounded kind of shitty. It was very bright and very harsh and nasally. After I did the mod job it became a whole new pedal. Seriously. Now it sounds very smooth and warm. There is very good note separation with it. I use it all the time now for nice, subtle break up. I crank the volume knob, leave the tone at about 5 and set the distortion at about 2-3. I only recommend this pedal if it has the mod otherwise it sounds crappy.


I have not had a problem yet but this thing does't seem to be built very well. After all it's a cheap plastic pedal. We'll see what happens.

General Comments

For a little bit of money and little bit of time this can be a good pedal for you. Give it a shot.

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