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Sound Quality

I honestly cannot believe this guitar. I needed a decent backup guitar to my Gibson Faded LP. I read a review online somewhere about Hagstroms, so I looked them up on Ebay. I found a guy who ran an online ebay store. He sells Hagstroms that have a manufacturer's defect. He was (and still is) selling D2F's that had a slight grayed blemish on the fretboard. You can barely notice the "defect". I got the guitar for $265 (before shipping). The guitar is absolutely gorgeous. It plays fantastic, and believe it or not, I'm now considering making my Les Paul the backup because of how amazing the Hagstrom sounds. I play it through a Fender Super Reverb and it sounds so incredibly warm that it blows me away. I'd recommend this guitar to anyone. I will probably buy another Hagstrom in the not too distant future.


Too soon to say.

General Comments

I love this guitar.

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