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Sound Quality

- I mainly use this unit with either an Epiphone Dot (w. Gibson 57 Classics) or a Gibson Les Paul (Seth Lover/JB). I've also used this with a Strat, a Tele, and a Danelectro 12-string. This unit sounded great with all guitars. This unit is meant to be used with an amp. Recorded direct, it lacks midrange and punch. It is very clear, and doesn't suck the tone (whether using it through my Marshall DSL or Fender Blues Junior). - Distortions are a mixed bag. Compression is useless, most of the distortions aren't great, with the exception of the Rat, Top Boost and Big Muff simulators. I use those regularly (except with the Marshall, where I use the amp distortion). Very digital-sounding at high levels. The cabinet sims aren't that true to life; treat them as preset EQ tweaks. Then they're very handy. Chorus, flanger, phaser, Uni-vibe are great, tremolo and auto wah are acceptable, the wah is okay (but not a patch on a real Vox wah), the ring modulator is goofy fun. The only real disappointment is the Pitch Bend. Good only for Atari sounds. - The delays are worth the cost of this unit alone. Very sweet. The only criticism (other than the all-but-useless Tap Tempo) is that you can't input precise delay times. But considering the cost of this unit, I can live with that. This unit has turned me into a delay junkie.


- This unit is exceptionally sturdy; nearly bulletproof. The only problem is that the knobs have fallen off. At least one has gone for good. The other concern is that I've had to tighten the treadle for the expression pedal at least twice. - I have owned this unit for five years, and I have played uncounted gigs without a backup. The only problem I had was the flimsy adaptor. I just walked into the nearest surplus store and bought two more adaptors. After that, I've had no problems. This thing is built like a tank.

General Comments

- I have been playing for almost 20 years, and I play all kinds of music, from punk crunch to shoegaze to covers gigs to commercial sessions to backing various singer-songwriters. It has been indispensible for almost five years. If it was lost or stolen, I would immediately go out and buy another (or buy its successor, the 1500G). I estimate that, if I bought each individual effect, it would cost me well over $1000. The Korg doesn't sound exactly like the models it imitates, but it's close enough to get pro quality tones from it. Everyone who has ever heard me play through this thing has been impressed with the tones I get. And it comes at a very affordable price.

- When looking at this unit, I compared it to comparable models from Boss or Digitech. The Korg beat all of them, both in price and sound quality. I'm giving the AX1000G a 10, because it is such an excellent value. Well done, Korg!

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