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Sound Quality

I run a Gibson or Epiphone SG into the GE-7, to a Crybaby and a Crate GFX212, and I use it mainly to give a level and midrange boost for lead work, but I fool around with it a lot, too. The only time it gets noisy is when the level is on high boost. The sounds are good for my tastes. I can overdrive my amp's clean channel or I can clean up its OD channel, so I get a really good variety of sounds out of it.


It's a Boss. It's made of metal. It's a Boss. Enough said.

General Comments

I play Metallica-style hard rock and have been playing for 2-1/2 years. If it were stolen, I would track the guy down, take the pedal and make an imprint in the guy's face with it. It gives me cool sounds and it's got the Boss dependability, it can't be beat.

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