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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

Most of the preset sounds are'nt too convincing if you use headphones. I used it once on a TL Audio VTC console as a pre, and then you could get some usable sounds out of it. ( Some were very good) But this unit is made to use it with a Marshall 9100 or 9200 valve power amp, so have to get my hands on one of these to investigate the full potential of it. I own a Marshall 6100LE full stack, but as a sole pre the JMP1 can't compete with that,but...(see above). But it is still a Marshall, so i have a strong positive prejudice. (from the early 80's on they have a ultimate cool status for metal suckers like me, sorry.)



General Comments

It has a very distinctive soundcharacter, which isn't always bad.

The only question is; can i use it for the sound i like.

And that's a matter of taste!!! (and using the right equipment with it)

I think it's a succeeded experiment in creating a MIDI programmable pre amp, but at the wrong moment in time; in the 90's no rocker even thought about it using computer-like stuff, except for some alternative dudes.

But nowadays it wouldn't be such a stupid idea to develop something like this for a DAW workstation, and Marshall is known to invest in new technologies.( which don't always are good, but never are bad) if you want to rock, BUY A MARSHALL!!!

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