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Sound Quality

heheheh. When I first got this pedal it was like I just got a nuke. What am I going to do with it? I take the Heavy knob to the max and in the manual it says it makes a "demonic" sound. I think it sounds like a fart. This is the coolest piece of shit around. If you play really high on the neck on the high strings quickly, you get a really neato nintendo sound. You can also get synth drums out of it by flatpicking quickly the high e string open and on the 12th fret (loosely) with the heavy to the max. I love it.


There is nothing that could go wrong with this pedal. The only trouble is you can't really rip a nice solo with it. This is why: Our friends at DOD made it so that you can't fully turn down the heavy knob. This means that if you play at 250 db or higher, you, without a doubt, will hear the heavy slightly in the background. When turned all the way down, the guitar-to-heavy ratio is 14:1 so you can hear that annoying shit fart sound. Besides that, it's cool.

General Comments

I've been playing for a couple years now, and this is a very cool pedal, but I'm not too interested in it anymore. If anyone wants to buy it from me for around 125 then go ahead and email me at LeBoneur@aol.com if you're into experimental rock and have an extra dist. pedal this is the pedal for you. It has so many quirks and stuff you won't know what to do with it. I am switching to Boss so I have to sell this pedal. It's a collector's item now as well......

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