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Sound Quality

All EQ pedals are similar, but many reviewers of other brands say this pedal has the "Boss stank"--a hi-mid boost that's there even when the pedal is disengaged, you can't get rid of it, and I gather that's characteristic of many Boss pedals, so consider that when testing this pedal. What I really want to say here: in quickly scanning these dozens and dozens of reviews I only saw one player suggest BOOSTING midrange for guitar solos. Everyone else seems to love the V-shape configuration that sucks all the mids out. This is what most people do with their stereos as well--it leaves nothing behind except the lows and highs so cymbals and vocal "s's" sizzle and bass-end tones come through stronger in the mix, which people seem to love. And SOME scooped-mid is par for the metal guitar scene, but think about it. Without any mids like a lot of other reviewers are suggesting--cutting the mids to just above -15dB!?--your tone is competing with the bass guitar and the cymbals, and who do you think will win that battle? You will if you crank it up, but the battle isn't for domination of the low and high frequencies(which will result in an incomprehensible mess for your sound man and your audience), the battle is for each player to fit into the mix to create music. Midrange is where the guitar lives because that's where guitar strings are tuned--why avoid the very tones that the guitar produces? A LITTLE BIT of scoop for metal rhythm playing can give you the true metal feeling while still allowing you to fit into the mix. The sound man can then adjust for the room. But for SOLOS, whether you play blues, rock, metal, deathmetal, speedmetal, grindmetal, buttmetal, jazz, zydeco, or nursery rhymes, my god, BOOST YOUR MIDRANGE! You will have a fatter, more professional, and much more satisfying sound that you will even be able to hear. Your favorite players only sound like they're scooping the crap out of their mids because I bet that's how you have your car or home stereo set--you're either boosting your bass and treble or heavily scooping your mids, or all three, if you're like most people. Kids start training your ears for the real thing--set your stereo not too far from flat and you'll hear what the band heard in the studio, get it? I promise you'll not only get used to it, but someday you'll look back and wonder how you ever stood the extreme settings you used to use, and same goes for your guitar. Extreme scooped mids may work in your bedroom to get an appealing stand-alone chugga-chugga sound, but if you want to sound good in a band setting you need to carve out your place in the midrange along with the singer, just like all your favorite players have done. Listen. If you're a blues player you probably already know all this because you probably use a Tubescreamer which is a mid-boost/volume boost to slam the front end of a tube amp. Any EQ pedal can produce both of the same effects with even more control--mid boost and volume boost. Great trick and cheaper too if you get a cheaper EQ pedal than this one. I use a $20 6-band Rocktek BASS eq for blues guitar playing sometimes, cheap plastic so I don't know if it will last, but the effect is great and I like the two sliders in the midrange ballpark (640hz and 1280hz). No slider above 2400hz but again I don't care, I can cut or boost treble at the guitar if I want (Strat Plus). I also play bass so this is versatile for me.


The difference in price for EQ pedals is mainly in the quality of build. Boss is of good build. I don't understand how they can charge $99 for this though, it seems about double what it should be for such a simple device.

General Comments

I know players read these reviews as much to learn about effects as to learn about a particular effect. Please see my comments in Sound Quality section. I've been playing for many years, have toured pro, played many bars and warmed up for national acts, played every blues-based form (metal, blues, rock), engineered in a small recording studio, and produced my own record in a real recording studio. Ask any real pro including your favorite player and he/she will tell you what I'm telling you in the Sound Quality section.


I play '91 Strat Plus (U.S. made) with gold Fender Lace Sensors in neck and bridge and silver in bridge, or '69 Les Paul Custom, through several different amps, my favorite of which right now is the Pignose G40V 40w all-tube combo amp (Bassman clone with 1st pre tube ganged for high gain) driving an Acoustic 104 closed back 6x10" cab (yes 6 10" speakers, amazing, can also use for bass), or for smaller settings I run the combo's 1x10" Eminence Ragin' Cajun + a 10" Jensen Mod 50 in a separate closed back EarCandy cab. I also have a Yamaha 240w 4x12" cab that thumps like mad but I'm in love with 10" speakers right now for guitar.

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