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Sound Quality

It is very versitile for a distortion pedal, the distortion knob has a VERY nice range, and all of the settings on that knob are usable. When it is all the way down, you get an almost clean sound, and when you pick harder, it gets more distorted. It goes from clean to pure, thick distortion. It has a LOT of bass, I never use the knob above 2 o'clock. The treble can get a bit piercing, so be sure that it is pretty low. This pedal sounds best with the tone knobs in the middle. The sample settings are pretty good, especially the "Seattle" setting. It can go from clean boost, to overdrive, to thick punk/metal distortion, so it is very versitile for a distortion pedal.


thick metal casing, plastic footswitch...

General Comments

If distortion is what you are looking for, this pedal will get you pretty much any crunchy distortion sound you could ask for. If you see one cheap, pick it up. I find it much better than the "Grunge" pedal, it is crunchier, without the shrill high end of the Grunge. Great first distortion pedal.

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