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epiphone Limited Edition G-400 Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

The G-400 is great for rock and alternative music, and it is also good for other types of music. It isnt noisy at all if you dont want it to be. I think the sound is excellent, even though it isnt a Gibson.


This guitar is the most reliable guitar I own. It is really solid, and sounds great. I would definately rely on it. The finish looks great, and will probably last a long time.

General Comments

I have had this guitar for almost a year, and it still looks brand new. It sounds great, and looks beautiful. My other guitar is a Peavey Strat copy, which is ok, but not as good as my G-400. I would definately reccomend buying one if you want a good looking, good sounding, innexpensive guitar. You should try one out at your local music store

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